About Us
of working experience with various Internet communications tools that enable us to network both personally and professionally
implemented entirely by us or with our assistance
where our customers are located

Establishing connection
When you know your target audience, but have no idea how to work with them
Raising Awareness
When you create a great product or provide a reliable service, but no one knows about it
Giving more visibility
When you want to expand to a broader audience
Carving out
When you want your brand to emotionalize (might be you don’t) your audience
Attaching value to your product 
When you need to raise your value in the market
Our approach
We don't handle assignments just to handle them. All actions must lead to an achievable goal
Receiving your request
Conducting an interview
We dive deep into your processes and tasks
In-depth processing
then structuring 
the obtained information
Selecting proper tools
Scheduling work agenda

Our services
Developing and implementing
Targeted advertising
across major social networks
and other tools to work with your audience
Web content
for websites, social networks, blogs and media outlets
online & offline
Viral campaigns
from concept through implementation
Consultancy, Review, Mentoring
Non-profit institutions
We understand audiences’ pains and challenges. And we know how to meet them. We just do it.
Alternative subjects
Tobacco, alcohol, gambling and other.
Cultural projects, food, sports, cars, services, training, stores. B2B. B2C. B2P.
And much more
That is our core competency. Our team possesses 15-years hands-on experience in the field. We know about IT, if not everything, then certainly a lot.
Manufacturing process
Why, where and when solar panels, wind turbines and gas generator power plants are needed. How machines and materials are built. We quickly get into the technical processes and then can tell others about it in plain language.
Banks, startups, insurance, retail, and other areas at the intersection of managing other people's financial assets.
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